22 February 2020

Vintage year 2019

The winter of 2019 was typical at Szent György-hegy with snow, normal amount of precipitation and persistent cold.

Springtime was dry, we didn’t get any rainfall until May. It was warmer than usually, the vegetation started very quickly. The weather chilled down a bit, flowering started at the beginning of May and ended by the last days of the month. By the end of the second week of the month the rain arrived. Luckily there was no big wind, so it didn’t break the sprouts. Showers came pretty often and quickly in June as well. The vineplants started to catch up its backlog, shoot grew rapidly.

The water intake through the leaves was intensive, so photosyntesis boosted during summer and the berries started to grow. Nice mellow bunches were starting to form. With August a late hot summer arrived and made the grapes to ripe quickly.

As you see from the aspect of viticulture, we had an easy year. Thanks to the dry autumn, we were able to proceed the healthiest grapes in the last ten years.

The long vegetation time had an especially positive effect on the harvest and made the vintage ideal to make a serious, full-bodied Welschriesling.


14 July 2017

A perfect match with a glass of UJVÁRI


Glazed Mangalica Belly with Marrow & Egg barley, Vegetable Puree and Caramelized Fruits

The recipe of Glazed Mangalica Belly
– cleaned Mangalica Belly with skin
– 2 dl UJVÁRI Olaszrizling
– 1 dl wheat beer
– 12 pieces black pepper
– 1 garlic bulbs in slices
– 5 dl chicken soup
– 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
– 2 bay leaves
– 2 tbsp honey
– salt
Mix the chicken soup, wine, beer, leaves and the spices. Season the Mangalica Belly with salt, then put it into a heat resist pot upside down and let it stand for one and a half hour. Turn over and let it stand for another one and a half hour, covered. Afterwards cook it for 90 mins in 145 °C oven, turn over and give 90 mins again in the oven. When the Mangalica Belly is done, let it chill down on room temperature. If there is any soup left; drain this. Add the honey and boil till it loses quantity by a third. Clean the Mangalica Belly from the skin and cut it to 6-8 cm slices and roast every side of the slices. At last glaze the nicely roasted Mangalica Belly with a little bit of sauce.

The recipe of Csicsóka purée
Ingredients: shallot, csicsóka, salt, black pepper, nutmeg, little bit of cream
Slip off Shallot outer skins, chop. Peel csicsóka and chop to same size as Shallot. Melt butter in a pan and let the chopped shallot simmer a bit, then add the chopped csicsóka and let them cook together. Season it with salt, black peper, ground nutmeg. Cook until csicsóka become tender, add cream and stir to combine them. Then puree gently.

The recipe of Green Pea purée
Ingredients: green pea, butter, salt, black pepper
Blanche the peas, drain. Add butter, salt, and a little bit of sugar. Then crumble it through a fine-mesh sieve.

The recipe of Marrow & Egg barley
Ingredients: dry Egg barley, marrow, onion, salt, pepper
Heat the olive oil in a pan, add egg barley and sauté until coated with olive oil. Put double qty of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover.    Cook until the noodles soften. Cut onion into small cubes, and roast it on hot butter then add the marrow. Give a hint of black pepper, salt. Slightly roast together. At last blend egg barley and marrow.

Chef: Gábor Kovács
Photo: Judit Mozdény


19 October 2016

Harvest report


It was a sunny day on the 23rd of September when we picked the Pinot Gris. Two weeks later – on the 7th of October – it was Welschriesling’s turn: we picked the fruit right after the morning mist has disappeared. Only the heathy bunches were chosen to go into the buckets. The process started with destemming the fruit, then followed by gentle pressing and with gravity the juice made its way into the barrels & carboys. The settling has begun. After 24 hours the juice was racked from sediments and everything was in its right place; time for the temperature-controlled fermentation.

The frementation is finished for Pinot Gris and we racked it from the lees yesterday: 12,8% alcohol, 4g/l residual sugar, 6,2g/l acidity. Fruity-balanced aromas, fragrances and good analitics. It was worth to leave the fruit on the vinestocks in this sudden-coming Autumn. The Welschriesling – fermenting in 100% barrel – has a vulnerable odour these days (easily disappears when contacting with oxigen) with citrus, pineapple-banana esteric notes.

The vineyard is about to take on its Autumn colours, soon the leaves are falling down and after this exciting vegetation time the plants are looking forward to the upcoming rest.




3 September 2016

From barrel to bottles.


The past months gave us good experience in the process of launching our own bottled wine onto the market. We looked for challanges and won golden medals: we won in the competitions of wines of Szent György-hegy and wines of Badacsony wine region. We launched our webpage and fabebook page. An article was published about UJVÁRI!

We’ve started collaborations with wine bars: Pláne Badacsony borterasz (by Lake Blalaton, Badacsonytomaj 8261, Park u. 18.), and Képzeld el (Budapest 1077., Wesselényi utca 23.) and with the online wine shop Alapbor. Now you can also taste and buy our bottles of wine at these places. Many thanks for these collaborations!

In the meantime we are working in the vineyard, too. It is quite a challenging year for viticulture; ideal for fungal diseas, heavy rain and even ice in early July. The rain coming down from the top of the hill made large trenches, but we managed to fix this by now. Luckily conditions for the growth of the grapes were optimal and the sunny days helped with the recovering of the bunches.

Cautious green work was necessary; sprout selection (it helps with yield control and with making the foliage thinner, so the fruit gets more light in each biological stages of growth) and the defoliagion out of vine (so the bunches can dry easily). We hope it will do the work! The growing of the grapes ”Szürkebarát” and ”Olaszrizling” are in the finish line, we are looking forward to the harvest of 2016. The next few weeks will be exciting for us, we just hope Zeus will be good to us.


8 June 2016

Dear Szandra!


Thank you so much for the base of our homepage!