In the middle of 19th century, János Ujvári started to cultivate vine on the west side of the Szent György-hegy in the Csendár slope. In 1935 Pál Ujvári purchased an additional vineyard on the south part of the hill. At this time the estate was expanded with a south-facing vineyard by the dowry of Teréz Kozma.

The current parcels were planted in 1955; vine rows of more than 60-year old plants make the vineyard. We are costantly taking care and – when necessary – replacing the plants. Conscious and gentle pruning and cautious green work. Our aim is to maintain the good condition for the plantation for a long time.

Ujvári_család_fotógyűjemény_01_(1968)_c1    Ujvári_család_fotógyűjemény_12c_(2004)

Olaszrizling 2015, Csendár slope

“Medium straw-coloured with golden yellow hint. Powerful, very rich and layered in the nose: starting with citruses together with almondlike fragrances, then it reveals a deeper, more characteristic scent of orange peel and bergamot. The minerality is slightly there, but it doesn’t leave a strong mark on the wine. Altough has great acidity, it’s balanced by the body and alcohol level.  Intense on the palate, with all notes from the nose. You can feel the minerality here again, showing itself as a fine addition in the taste. The finish is medium long, meaty. This Olaszrizling makes a very good match with freshwater fishes, or poultry, but can also accompany dishes with more fat.”

László Bálint, AIWS


“Nice wine, perfect with raw fish”

Olivier Delay


“Clean and attractive fragrance: green apple, white flowers, in the back citruses, lime, green spices, hint of saltyness. It is driven by fine acidity, has a good balance and also well intense. Delivers what the nose promises: green apple, pear, green spices, a little citrus and a slight saltyness. Luscious, easy to drink and shows something from the growing area, too.”





The colours of Basalt

Orange and “Basalt grey” – these are the colours of UJVÁRI. Inspired by the vulcanic basalt (typical rock of our hill “Szent György-hegy”) that surfaces as a glowing orange-coloured lava and becomes a fine-structured, dark grey solid rock once it is cooled down.