The unique location and complex soil structure of our hill ’Szent György-hegy’ has already been discovered in the Roman ages. It is known that Caesar Probus planted the first vineyards on the hill. The soil is partly fine- and compacted sand, limestone, loess and of course there is a large amount of basalt stone. The weathering of the basaltic debris releases potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The basalt affects the vinegrowing and also adds a unique character to the wine. The entire hill is planted by viticulture – this is quite special.

There is an exceptional ecological system on the hill thanks to the various animals and herbs that live here. Among the many you can find rare ferns (like Notholaena marantea, Asplenium javorkeanum), different variety Cardaminopsis, Lumnitzer-carnation and other varieties of mosses and lichens.

This is a complex and ideal environment which has also advantaes in pest control. We rarely need insecticides and weed control chemicals.

The hill is characterized by a submediterranian climate. The basalt on the top of the hill has an ideal effect on temperature : it absorbs the heat and has the ability to keep its temperature. Mild summers and mild snowy winters are typical. The viticulture has a long length of growing season, so climate is favorable to frost-sensitive grape variety.